Free Range Farms

Our free range farms are family run from the start. We partner with small family farmers across the country to produce the best Certified Humane®, free range eggs for you and your family.

Our Flock Of Free Range Farms

Our farms stretch across the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic. As we grow, we will welcome new farms to the South and West.

45Number of Nellie's Farms In The USA

7Number of States With Nellie's Farms

Life on a Free Range Farm

Our happy hens are free to roam and strut throughout their wide open pasture. They peck at bugs and flowers, cluck around in groups, and just live as free as a bird all day long.

Nellies - Hens

Bird's Eye View

Our happy hens love the outdoors. Click here to get a closer look at a day in the life on the range.
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Events And Happenings

We're bringing the farm to your town!
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