How to Throw a Camping Themed Party
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How to Throw a Camping Themed Party

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How to Throw a Camping Themed Party

Where are our fiends of the outdoors at?

If you love camping (or glamping!), you'll adore this fun party idea inspired by all the fun and adventure that comes with getting outside. Whether you recreate just this party or all of the parties in this series, you're on your way to throwing a super cute camping party for the kids!

We'll also learn a delicious s'mores donut sandwich recipe which takes only five minutes to prepare and ten to bake, complete with easy steps for the kids to help with. They make the perfect campfire treat, and trust me, the kids (and adults) will be raving about them all night long.

Whether you set up camp at a campsite, your backyard, or even in your living room, this party allows kids' minds to roam free and gets the creativity flowing. To stay cool, we set up our camping party indoors: the perfect setting for any time of year!

Shall we get this party started?

DIY camping themed party decor

Using items that you already have in your home is easy when you're throwing a camping themed party. Tents, rugs, pillows, and festive mugs are a must! Here are two ways to make your party cozy:

Set up a tent or fort

For our camping party, we set up an indoor tent and added a soft accent rug and comfy pillows, which made for the perfect nook in which to read, while sip on hot cocoa, and of course, munch on trail mix. It was so cozy that my daughter even took a quick nap in the tent during the party. True story!

If you don't have a traditional tent, you can fashion one out of big blankets and chairs, just like a pillow fort. I created a fun balloon garland and added some greenery to complete the atmosphere. It made our tent feel comfy and inviting!

A beary sweet kids' table

To complete my party decor, I also set up a kids' table with the cutest bear plates, wooden utensils, and star cups. I visited the floral department at my local craft store to purchase artificial flowers and greenery, and designed a pretty arrangement inspired by the outdoors, which then became the centerpiece for the kids' table. For place settings, I designed adorable DIY "happy camper" name tags.

Camping themed party snacks

One of the best parts of camping is making your own yummy meals right over the fire. We all know that there's no party without a campfire treat, so whether you're going for sweet, savory, or a little bit of both, make sure every party guest has something to munch on.

S'more donut sandwiches recipe

Bring the spirit of camping right into your home with these rustic and sweet donut sandwiches! Just like the s'mores you made around the campfire as a kid, they're filled with gooey marshmallows and melty chocolate. Don't forget to top them off with graham cracker crumbs for the full effect!


  • 2 2/3 cups organic yellow cake mix
  • 2 large Nellie's Free Range Eggs, beaten
  • 2 tablespoons canola oil
  • 2/3 cup milk
  • Cooking spray
  • 1-2 cups chocolate chips
  • Graham crackers for topping
  • 12 large marshmallows
  • Special equipment: donut pan


To make the donuts:
  • Preheat oven to 350F. Spray the cavities of a 12-count donut pan with cooking spray
  • To a deep bowl, add cake mix, eggs, oil, and milk. Mix together with a whisk until well combined with no clumps.
  • Using a measuring cup with a spout for pouring or an icing bag, fill each donut pan cavity half full with half of the batter, reserving the other half. Place in the oven and bake for 10 minutes. Remove donut pan from oven and let cool before removing donuts. Repeat with reserved batter to yield 24 thin donuts.
To assemble the donuts:
  • Melt chocolate in a medium bowl according to the instructions on the package. Meanwhile, crumble the graham crackers in a food processor or crush in a plastic bag with a rolling pin.
  • Dip 12 donuts (these will be the tops of the donut sandwiches) into the melted chocolate, then sprinkle with graham cracker crumbs. Set tops aside.
  • Arrange 12 donuts (these will be the bottoms of the donut sandwiches) on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Place a large marshmallow on top of each donut. Place baking sheet in the oven and broil until marshmallows begin to brown, watching closely to ensure that they don't burn.
  • Remove bottoms from oven and assemble with the tops. Place donut sandwiches on a platter or dessert stand and dig in!

If you're celebrating a birthday party, be sure to include a camping themed cake. Our naked cake was decorated with an adorable little bear holding a camping light. Too cute!

Trail mix bar

For a camping themed party, a trail mix bar is a must. It's easy to set up and I promise it will be the highlight of your party and a fun experience for the kids!

Simply fill up empty jars with dried fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, and seeds. Make mini cans or treat bags available so your guests can help themselves.

Hot chocolate bar

Last but not least, let's not forget the hot cocoa. For the perfect campfire hot cocoa, put together the dry ingredients - such as cocoa powder, sugar, cinnamon and salt - in a sealed bag for the guests. Make marshmallows available in a separate container. Allow your guests to mix the ingredients with warm milk to provide the ultimate hot cocoa making experience.

Scavenger hunt activity

After everyone has had time to enjoy your party indoors, it's time to take the kids on a fun nature walk with a scavenger hunt included. I used Nellie's Free Range Egg cartons to create fun camping treasure boxes for the kids. Simply print our free scavenger hunt activity cards and attach them (front and back) to the egg carton. The kids will have fun filling up each egg cavity with their findings.

I hope you enjoyed these fun camping party ideas, friends!

Did you throw a camping themed party? Tag your photos with #nelliesfreerange so we can see! Don't forget to check out Twinkle Twinkle Little Party for more inspiration.

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