8 Ideas for Mother's Day at Home
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8 Ideas for Mother's Day at Home

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8 Ideas for Mother's Day at Home

Celebrate Mom's special day together!

Mother's Day isn't about expensive gifts or dinner at a fancy restaurant; it's about showing mom how loved and appreciated she is in a genuine way. This year, give her the gift of staying home and the luxury of having a clear schedule! Since you can't send her off to the spa, encourage her to wear her pajamas all day long. In place of your traditional family outing, spend the afternoon baking her favorite recipe together. Switch things up this year by celebrating at home and make mom's special day a memorable one.

1. Start the day with brunch in bed

Mom deserves some extra shut-eye, especially on her special day—so let her sleep in while you make a yummy brunch dish to serve her in bed. From a cheesy purple potato hash to sweet strawberry oatmeal cookie bars, each of these recipes is simple and easy enough for kids of all ages to tackle in the kitchen without mom's help. Plate up mom's meal with her favorite flowers and a glass of OJ to help her wake up with a smile!

2. Treat mom to flowers that will last

Cut flowers are always a sweet gesture, but they can be pricey and tend to wilt quickly. Treat mom to something that will last a little bit longer: potted flowers in colorful speckled eggshell planters! To make this DIY craft practically free, you can use wildflowers from your own backyard, like forget-me-nots and buttercups. They'll bring so much color to mom's favorite spaces in your home, and she'll think of you every time she sees them.

3. Make a DIY Mother's Day card

Store-bought just isn't the same as handmade, and that goes for Mother's Day cards, too! Raid the craft drawer for paints, tissue paper, construction paper, glue, pipe cleaners, yarn, and markers, and scavenge for little trinkets like buttons, acorns, wildflowers, clovers, and clean recyclables (like those empty Nellie's Free Range Egg cartons!) to make your DIY card extra special.

4. Spruce up mom's bedroom or home office

With an empty Nellie's Free Range Egg carton and some supplies you might already have on hand, creating a pretty floral garland for mom's bedroom or home office is a cinch! Drape the garland over her desk or hang it near her favorite armchair in the living room to surprise her with "flowers" that will last forever.


5. Enjoy the sunshine with a backyard scavenger hunt

For a lot of moms, being a parent means having a packed schedule, and spending some time outdoors is always a welcome change of pace. Using these nature themed riddles, join mom in the backyard for an impromptu scavenger hunt. You can make it as difficult or as easy as you like: the goal is simply to soak up some sun and enjoy the fresh air!

6. Spend the afternoon baking together

Baking together makes for sweet memories, and not to mention a delicious treat to share! These recipes all include kid-friendly steps, like stirring and spreading batter, sprinkling toppings and mix-ins, mashing bananas and strawberries, and adding ingredients to the mixing bowl. Whether you choose a frosted strawberry cake or mini donut muffins, you're guaranteed to have fun baking side by side with the mom you love.

7. Treat mom to her favorite meal

You already made mom brunch in bed, but what about dinner and dessert? Make the last meal of mom's special day extra delicious by whipping up her all-time favorite comfort food, whether it's brinner (breakfast for dinner), something saucy and savory, or some chocolatey goodness. Choose from these nostalgic recipes, or use them as thought-starters as you brainstorm a dish mom will love!

8. End the day with a fun family game night

Before mom's special day comes to an end, gather the family for game night. Let mom pick out her favorite board game, brainstorm words for charades, or better yet, put your heads together and follow these instructions to come up with your very own game—and make it Mother's Day themed!

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