11 Recipes for Your Summer Cookout
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11 Recipes for Your Summer Cookout

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11 Recipes for Your Summer Cookout

Ah, summer - the king of cookout season!

Just picture it: a warm breeze twirls through your backyard, carrying the mouthwatering scent of burgers and hot dogs all over the neighborhood. The adults relax in their lawn chairs, snacking on zesty deviled eggs while the kids play in the sprinkler. There's lemonade in the cooler and no shortage of sides ready to be scooped onto your plate—think potato salad and buttery corn on the cob. If that's not a perfect summer day, we don't know what is! Set the scene for all your cookouts and backyard BBQs this season with these delicious main dishes, sides, and dessert recipes.

1. Muffin Pan Eggs on the Grill

When those heat waves hit, no one wants to turn on the oven and warm up the house even more. Head outside and make these muffin pan eggs on the grill instead. If you're hosting a cookout, make all four varieties so that there's something to appease everyone's palate!

2. Pickled Jalapeno Deviled Eggs

Summer is all about serving up bold flavors, and nothing packs a punch like these pickled jalapeno deviled eggs! Spice up your appetizer spread by adding a batch or two, and don't forget to garnish with extra pickled jalapenos for maximum deliciousness.

3. Deviled Egg Pasta Salad

Burgers and hot dogs may be the centerpiece of your summer cookout, but every star needs a supporting actor: pasta salad. This one includes all the flavors of your favorite deviled eggs in the form of a zesty mayo that coats each elbow macaroni inside and out for the perfect creamy bite.

4. Egg in a Hole BBQ Burgers

A mashup of breakfast and lunch, these burgers are anything but average. If egg in a hole is a family favorite at your house, then egg in a hole BBQ burgers with all the fixings are sure to delight everyone at your cookout!

5. Campfire S'mores Donut Sandwiches

It's not a summer cookout without s'mores! These donuts can be made ahead and assembled into gooey marshmallow and chocolate s'mores sandwiches after everyone has had their fill of burgers and potato salad.

6. Grilled Stuffed Peppers with Eggs and Sausage

These stuffed peppers are full of tender eggs, sausage, and a cheesy combination of mushrooms and onions. The best part? They can be assembled, cooked, and enjoyed right in your backyard, which means less mess inside the house and more time for the kids to enjoy their summer fun before the BBQ commences.

7. Popover Pancakes on the Grill

They might be a breakfast food at heart, but there's no better way to end a day of strawberry picking than with golden brown popover pancakes hot off the grill! If the sun has already started to set, grab a blanket and share a sweet treat with your family and friends while the fireflies make their debut for the evening.

8. Classic Deviled Eggs

There's no debate: deviled eggs are an essential addition to any party or gathering, especially a backyard BBQ. This delectable bite-sized snack is kid and adult approved! While you're grilling up those burgers and hot dogs, keep one hand on the spatula and the other hand free to munch on these classic deviled eggs.

9. Avocado Egg Salad

Step up your side dish game at the next neighborhood BBQ by bringing a refreshing egg salad with a twist. Creamy avocado, crispy bacon, chopped hard boiled eggs, and a splash of lemon juice make for a bright, appetizing side sure to please the whole block.

10. Garbanzo Egg Salad

Creamy potato and pasta salads are always a welcome addition to backyard BBQs, but it can be fun to switch things up! Make a batch of this healthy chickpea, egg, cabbage, and cucumber salad with a slightly spicy orange and lime vinaigrette to lighten up the side dishes at your cookout.

11. Pink Lemonade Sheet Cake

What's better than a tall glass of pink lemonade on a hot summer day? This pink lemonade sheet cake! It has real lemonade baked right into it and a fluffy marshmallow frosting on top. Better yet, it feeds up to 20 people, meaning everyone at your cookout can indulge in a slice.

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