7 Family Friendly Staycation Ideas
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7 Family Friendly Staycation Ideas

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7 Family Friendly Staycation Ideas

Turn your home into the ultimate getaway! 

Traveling is fun and all, but there are so many ways to enjoy time at home that don't require all that packing, those long flights, and the inevitable jetlag. Our suggestion? Plan a staycation! Staying home doesn't have to be boring. With crafts, games, DIY projects, and movie nights on the calendar, the whole family can have a blast all week long. As a bonus, all seven of these staycation ideas are free or inexpensive, involve hands-on activities that will keep kids busy, and work for any time of year; spring break, summertime, snow days, you name it!

Sunday: make a DIY bubble blowing station

Kick off your staycation with a little bit of color and some exciting smells. This DIY essential oil rainbow bubble blowing station requires just a few supplies, can be made right in an empty Nellie's Free Range Egg carton, and presents younger kids with a great opportunity to learn about color mixing and scents!

Monday: go camping in the living room

Gloomy, chilly, and rainy days are perfect for building pillow forts and bed sheet tents in your living room. Let the kids help make hot chocolate or s'mores donut sandwiches, then grab a few books and cozy up as a family at your indoor campsite for the afternoon.

Tuesday: host a family game night

A little bit of spirited competition never hurt anyone! If you want to make family game night extra fun, do some crafting beforehand and make your very own DIY board game. This is a great opportunity for kids to get creative: they'll need to think of a theme, decide on the rules, create a board, and find objects around the house to use as game pieces.

Wednesday: go on a scavenger hunt

Every staycation requires some fresh air and frolicking. Get outside and explore your backyard, local parks, hiking trails, or any little patch of nature you can find by searching for the answers to these nature riddles. Here's one to get you started: I'm brown and round and wear a little hat. Squirrels like collecting me, how 'bout that?

Thursday: try some eggsperiments

Learning can happen anywhere—not just at school! Bring out your child's inner scientist with these five STEM egg experiments. They'll learn all about chemistry, physics, osmosis, air pressure, and much more. Hands-on education is the best kind!

Friday: make upcycled egg carton lanterns

Break out the paints, scissors, and pom poms, because it's time to get your crafting on. On today's schedule: upcycled egg carton lanterns. They're perfect for adding color to kids' rooms, lighting up the patio, or hanging in the living room for family movie night.

Saturday: host a movie night

Pick your favorite family friendly flick (or two for a double feature) and bring your staycation to an end with by hosting a movie night. Don't forget the snacks! Who needs popcorn when you've got pull apart pigs in a blanket and tater tot nachos to share?

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