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7 Healthy Vegetarian Dinner Recipes

By Nellie's Kindness Crew


When you think of dinner, you probably imagine some combination of meat and veggies. Maybe a plate of steak and potatoes or chicken and steamed broccoli comes to mind. But there's no rule that says dinner has to include meat! And these meatless options aren't strictly for vegetarians, either: even if you and your family eat meat on the regular, there's no reason why you can't participate in meatless Monday or simply swap your usual proteins for grains, legumes, and eggs, and still enjoy a complete and healthy meal at the end of the day.


1. Cheesy Purple Potato and Cabbage Hash

Who could resist the pretty purple hues of cabbage and potatoes alongside a bright orange yolk? Even the pickiest eaters in your family will love this vegetarian dinner option. Sprinkle the hash with curly green parsley and you have a meal that's as beautiful as it is healthy.


2. Butternut Squash Shakshuka

Eggs, meet butternut squash and saucy crushed tomatoes. When combined in your Instant Pot, these simple ingredients (along with plenty of spices, crumbled feta cheese, and toasted pumpkin seeds) transform into a cozy and inviting veggie shakshuka that's just about as balanced as a meal can get.


3. Cauliflower Fried Rice Bowl

Swap out the white rice for riced cauliflower (it couldn't be easier to make at home!) and you're just a handful of peas and carrots away from a yummy bowl of vegetarian fried rice. The bacon in this recipe is totally optional, and with those fluffy pieces of scrambled egg in every bite, you won't even miss it.


4. Eggs in Purgatory

Unlike a lot of dishes that are considered comfort food, this one is nutritious and packed with healthy ingredients like tomatoes, baby spinach, and basil. If you're looking for a vegetarian dinner that comes together in just 20 minutes, look no further than eggs in purgatory.


5. Tortilla Española

After a long day, everyone needs a hearty meal. This riff on a traditional tortilla Española is exactly that...and entirely meat-free! It boasts layers of crispy potatoes and healthy fats, thanks to eggs and olive oil. Serve it alongside a simple garden salad for a complete meal that checks all the boxes when it comes to nutrition.


6. Garbanzo Egg Salad

Beans and legumes are excellent additions to any vegetarian meal, especially when paired with eggs for additional protein and healthy fats. This garbanzo egg salad is no exception. Make it in the morning or the night before, and by the time dinner rolls around, the chickpeas will have taken on all the flavor of that mouthwatering spicy citrus marinade.


7. Deviled Egg Pasta Salad

There's no doubt about it: pasta is a dinner staple. But why not take a night off from spaghetti and meatballs and try something vegetarian? With the addition of Greek yogurt and light mayo, this deviled egg pasta salad is a little bit brighter and less heavy than your average pasta dinner, but equally as filling.


Jodi RobertsSeptember 21, 2020

Cauliflower fried rice bowl looks interesting. I don't like eggs on my salads that aren cooked.


Hi Jodi, we're so glad you found some recipes you might like to try. You could certainly change any of these up to meet your own taste preferences as well--that's one of the things we love most about these.

CoriineAugust 25, 2020

I would happily get fat trying all the recipes


Hey Coriine, We are glad you are excited to try all of our recipes! We have plenty of healthy ones too!

Rebecca August 24, 2020

Looks very tempting, I’ll try it out on my very discriminating vegetarian children.


Yay! We hope some of these recipes are winners with your family, Rebecca!

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