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7 Pancake and French Toast Recipes

By Nellie's Kindness Crew


Most of us have come to think of a tall stack of pancakes drizzled in golden maple syrup as a special occasion dish. As for French toast, who has the time to crack a bunch of eggs and hunt down the bottle of vanilla in the back of the pantry before the kids wake up? Well, we're flipping the script here at Nellie's by making everyone's favorite sweet breakfast fare an anytime, everyday, unfussy option. With a carton of free range eggs in one hand and a loaf of bread in the other, even the busiest among us can make weekday French toast a reality. And if pancakes are more your style, there's a plethora of exciting options to choose from below. Let's do away with the special occasion mindset and make French toast and pancakes as easy, accessible, and mess-free as scrambled eggs!


1. Classic Buttermilk Pancakes

No need to spend your whole life searching for the perfect pancake recipe—it's right in front of you. And there's more good news: you're just 20 minutes away from diving into stack of these diner-style buttermilk pancakes with butter and a glug of maple syrup.


2. Mini Pancake Cereal

Say hello to the latest (and most adorable) breakfast sensation: mini pancake cereal! This take on the viral TikTok trend is totally worth the work of flipping each tiny pancake. Whether you eat this fun-size breakfast with milk or a drizzle of maple syrup, the recipe is a must-try.


3. Sheet Pan Pancakes

If you can dream it, you can add it to your pancake batter. There's room for all sorts of flavors in these sheet pan pancakes, from chocolate chip to raspberry swirl. Appealing to every family member's preferences is no longer a tall order with this recipe in your back pocket.


4. Baked Banana French Toast Sticks

Just like the ones from your childhood, only better! It wouldn't be a stretch to call these French toast sticks the dippable version of banana bread. And speaking of banana, this recipe calls for an extra ripe one for the ideal amount of sweetness without the need for any added sugar.


5. Instant Pot French Toast Casserole

Let's break down this French toast casserole layer by layer: cinnamon sugar French toast bites? Check. Praline streusel? Check. Cream cheese icing? Check. And it's all made right in your Instant Pot!


6. Popover Pancakes on the Grill

Need an excuse to fire up the grill this morning? Part popover, part pancake, and part Dutch baby, this light and crispy breakfast can be made and enjoyed in your very own backyard.


7. Gingerbread Pancakes

Chock full of banana, Greek yogurt, rolled oats, and other nutritious ingredients, a stack of these gingerbread pancakes will excite even the pickiest eaters. And who could say no to a dollop of whipped cream on top?


p tickerJune 10, 2022

boughtght nellie's organic eggs at BJ's wholesale club. Has wellesley farms on the packaging too. Why is it marked kosher dairy?


Thank you for reaching out. We're really proud to partner with retailers like BJ's who carry our eggs in their stores. In addition to carrying our eggs in the classic cartons you know and love, BJ's offers their own store brand (also known as a private label) called Wellsley Farms. In previous years, BJ’s partnered with farm networks - including ours - to source eggs for their Wellsley Farms label, in 2021 joined Nellie’s Free Range in an exclusive partnership, which means they source our eggs exclusively for this particular Wellsley Farms item. This is why you’ll now see our logo proudly displayed on the carton. Both our classic Nellie’s Free Range cartons and this particular Wellsley Farms item contain our eggs sourced from our very own network of small family partner farms, and you can count on the same free range, Certified Humane, and organic qualities in both items. Our eggs are considered Kosher Pareve, certified by OU Kosher. Both our egg carton label and Wellsley Farms should have the Kosher certification on their labels because of this. Please let us know if we can answer any follow-up questions for you.

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