8 Deliciously Unique Deviled Egg Recipes
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8 Deliciously Unique Deviled Egg Recipes

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8 Deliciously Unique Deviled Egg Recipes

Level up your deviled egg game!

If you've ever hosted or attended a party, backyard BBQ, or potluck, you've learned to appreciate these simple and oh-so-delicious apps. There's no denying that they're a crowd pleaser and staple at most get-togethers. Try these deliciously unique deviled egg recipes to dress up your potluck offering with nutritious ingredients, fun colors, and unexpected flavors, elevating them a notch above all others.

1. Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

New to the 5-5-5 method? This recipe is about to change how you make deviled eggs forever. In just 15 minutes from Instant Pot to ice bath, you'll have perfectly hard-boiled eggs that peel like a dream, leaving you with flawlessly smooth whites just waiting to be filled with the tangy and creamy yolk mixture.

2. Southwest Deviled Eggs

One of our zestier deviled egg variations with a kick of Southwest flavor! These are made with Greek yogurt in place of mayonnaise, and use plenty of cheddar cheese, cilantro, and taco seasoning. Top them with anything from jalapeño slices to chunks of avocado for a fiesta-ready appetizer platter.

3. Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs With Goat Cheese Filling

Yep, that vibrant pink hue is 100% natural! Thanks to a simple 4-ingredient red beet brine, these unique deviled eggs are anything but plain in both looks and flavor. The sour pickled egg white is a perfect match for the filling, which includes tangy goat cheese and Dijon mustard. If you're a fan of pickled eggs, these briney bites are for you!

4. Deviled Egg Chicks

Too cute to eat? Almost! These fun deviled egg chicks are as yummy as they are adorable, and they'll make the perfect addition to any special occasion spread. Let the kids bring them to life by adding sprinkles for eyes and mini carrot beaks!

5. Avocado Deviled Eggs

The impossibly velvety filling in these deviled eggs gets its texture from a combination of perfectly cooked egg yolks and avocado at the peak of ripeness. With a dash of lime juice and a pinch of crispy bacon crumbles, they're the perfect addition to your picnic basket or holiday gathering.

6. Yellow Turmeric Pickled Deviled Eggs With Creamy Curry Filling

A combination of turmeric and yellow curry powder is the secret to making your deviled eggs a sunny shade of yellow inside and out. These are pickled in apple cider vinegar and filled with curried egg yolk, giving them a tart finish that's sure to wake up your taste buds.

7. Roasted Red Pepper Deviled Eggs

Level up your deviled eggs with sweet and smoky roasted red peppers to make these adorable pumpkin-shaped flavor bombs! You won't believe how much punch is packed into each bite. They may look delicious, but they taste even better than you could ever imagine!

8. Deviled Egg Pasta Salad

One of our most delectably different deviled egg recipes deconstructs the classic. Imagine all the creaminess and zing of the original deviled egg, but in pasta salad form. Similar to the classic macaroni salad from your favorite deli, it hits all the flavor notes and includes celery and red onion for a satisfying crunch.

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