8 Grab and Go Snack Recipes
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8 Grab and Go Snack Recipes

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8 Grab and Go Snack Recipes

Snacks for on-the-go adventures!

Let's be honest: as busy parents, we can't always find time to cook, let alone plan ahead. And when we can find that time, we often sacrifice our own meals to make something that the kids will enjoy. If you've ever eaten your kids' sandwich crusts for lunch, this probably sounds all too familiar. So what's a busy parent to do? Handheld foods like muffins and egg bites are the answer. Whether you're scrambling to get your kids to soccer practice after school or have one foot out the door on your way to work, these grab and go snack recipes will save the day—no utensils needed.

1. Mushroom and Kale Egg Bites

Whether you make your own at home or grab a couple packs of Nellie's Free Range Sous Vide Egg Bites from the grocery store, these are perfect grab and go option for kids and adults alike. These homemade mushroom and kale egg bites are chock full of veggies and made right in a mini muffin tin for easy snacking.

2. Wonton Egg Cups

When you want a little extra crunch with your egg cups, try baking them in wonton wrappers! The wrappers will crisp up in the oven, transforming the yummy fillings (eggs, bell peppers, spinach, and cheese) into a handheld snack that you can enjoy in the car, at the park, and anywhere utensils aren't readily available.

3. Donut Muffins

We all crave something sweet now and then, but who has the time to stop by the coffee shop for a scone or make an impromptu trip to the grocery store in the middle of the week? Bake a batch of these cinnamon sugar donut muffins to grab from the snack drawer for breakfast, after lunch, or when the midnight munchies hit. The kids will love them, too—just don't forget some napkins for those sticky fingers.

4. Make Ahead Breakfast Burritos

If you can muster up the time and energy to make a big batch of these cheesy breakfast burritos, your future self (and your kids) will thank you. The recipe includes instructions for freezing them, which means at any given time and on any given day, you can grab one from the freezer, pop it in the microwave, wrap it in some foil, and be on your way. Talk about convenience!

5. Chocolate Chip Zucchini Muffins with Blueberries

Muffins are the ultimate grab and go food, and these ones in particular are a busy parent's dream. They're chock full of zucchini and whole grains, but with all the chocolate chips and blueberries in between, the kids won't even notice that they're snacking on something healthy. As for you, you'll get in tons of nutrients for the day without lifting a fork.

6. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Muffins

In a perfect world, every morning would start with crispy bacon and eggs made just the way you like them. But who has the time these days? Make life easier for yourself and your kids by stocking your fridge with a batch of these bacon, egg, and cheese muffins. Effortless breakfasts and easy after school snacks await!

7. Banana Oat Chocolate Chip Muffins

Don't you wish you could take that slice of banana bread to go without the risk of getting crumbs all over your shirt? These banana oat muffins are the key to less mess! Grab one for breakfast or add a few to the kids' lunchboxes for more banana goodness and fewer crumbs to clean up afterwards.

8. Veggie and Quinoa Egg Bites

While cooked veggies and quinoa might sound like a great meal to you, these probably aren't the most appealing foods to your kids. But when you combine them with cheese and egg, these healthy ingredients transform into savory egg bites that taste as good for breakfast as they do for an afternoon snack, no matter your age."

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