7 Easy Instant Pot Recipes
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7 Easy Instant Pot Recipes

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7 Easy Instant Pot Recipes

Instant pot = meals made easy!

Seven reasons to love your Instant Pot: it can help you breeze through weeknight dinners, transform Monday morning breakfast from unrealistic to totally attainable, save precious oven and stovetop real estate, make that heap of dishes in your sink a thing of the past, avoid the frustration of clawing stubborn shells off hard-boiled eggs, and ensure that your sweets are never dry or overbaked. Need another reason to break out your trusty pressure cooker? Here are our favorite easy Instant Pot recipes.

1. Instant Pot Frittata Breakfast Casserole

Sauteing your veggies beforehand makes for a perfectly tender, fluffy frittata that isn't wet or runny. And by cooking the bell pepper, onion, garlic, and spinach that this recipe calls for right in your Instant Pot before pouring in the egg mixture, you'll add layers of flavor to this frittata casserole.

2. Instant Pot Shakshuka

Butternut squash, pumpkin seeds, crumbled feta, and saucy eggs all made in your Instant Pot? There's plenty to love in this shakshuka recipe. Apart from a few initial steps to get the veggies started, the 30 minutes of cook time required for this recipe are completely hands off.

3. Instant Pot French Toast Casserole

Considering how many layers of yumminess this French toast casserole boasts, the fact that it takes under 40 minutes from start to finish is pretty shocking. What's even more jolting is that first bite of cinnamony brioche, praline streusel, and vanilla cream cheese icing.

4. Instant Pot Stuffing

For an easy-peasy stress-free side dish to complement your roast chicken dinner or to bring to a potluck, look no further than this veggie-speckled stuffing. Making it right in your Instant Pot frees up oven space and helps ensure that the finished product won't be dry or crumbly.

5. Rhubarb Instant Pot Cake

Want to make a cake without firing up the oven? Just break out your Instant Pot. This recipe calls for a layer of rhubarb and brown sugar, giving the spiced crumb the kind of sweet, fruity topping you would find on a pineapple upside-down cake.

6. Instant Pot Deviled Eggs

When you're in need of a last-minute appetizer or special occasion dish, deviled eggs are always a good choice, and making them in your Instant Pot is an even better one. This recipe includes the 5-5-5 method (5 minutes of cook time, 5 minutes of pressure release, and 5 minutes in an ice bath), a life-changing way to make perfectly peelable hard-boiled eggs.

7. Instant Pot Mexican Brownies

If you're short on oven space and need to satisfy a serious chocolate craving, grab your Instant Pot and whip up these ultra-rich Mexican brownies. Perfectly fudgy and chock-full of cinnamon, coffee, and three types of chocolate, they're sure to satisfy the strongest of cravings without the need for preheating the oven.

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