French Toast Mix

What is Nellie's Free Range French Toast Mix?

By Nellie's Kindness Crew

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You've probably heard of pancake and waffle mix, but what about French toast mix? Nellie's Free Range French Toast Mix is a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind new item that takes the guesswork out of everyone's favorite sweet breakfast dish. Our French Toast Mix is similar in some ways to those pancake and waffle mixes you've spotted at the grocery store, but quite different in others. Made for everyone from busy, on-the-go parents to college students without much space for cooking, our mixes come with so many benefits. So what's in the pack and how do you turn it into French toast? Read on to find out!

How do I use Nellie's Free Range French Toast Mix?

Just add water, milk, or a milk alternative to the dry mix, stir to combine, and dip your favorite bread in the batter. It's that simple! A premade mix means no cracking eggs, dealing with waste, rummaging around your pantry for a bottle of vanilla extract, or running out of cinnamon. You’ll find yourself doing fewer dishes, too, which is something we can all appreciate.

What are the ingredients in your French toast mix?

Each Nellie’s Free Range French Toast Mix has a short, clean ingredients list that you - and even your kiddos - can actually pronounce. Our mixes are primarily a blend of yummy spices and our very own Certified Humane Free Range Eggs. Yes, the same ones you've seen in the purple carton at your favorite grocery store! In fact, there are a dozen eggs in every pack. Our mixes come in two flavors (Classic Recipe and Chocolate), which are both low carb and gluten-free, making them adaptable to just about every dietary need. Since our mixes are low in sugar, you can feel good about serving them to your family, even if it’s not a special occasion. And if you’ve got a sweet tooth, bring on the maple syrup or whipped cream (or both)!

Are the eggs in your French toast mix Certified Humane?

Yep! Each package contains a whole dozen Certified Humane Nellie’s Free Range Eggs; the same ones you know and love from the egg aisle. No matter which flavor you choose, you can rest assured that your family is getting their morning protein fix from a natural, whole source rather than protein isolates like whey or soy (oh, by the way, our French toast mixes are also soy-free)!

Can I use milk, water, or milk alternatives with your French toast mix?

Cow's milk as well as soy milk, almond milk, oat milk, and other milk alternatives can all be used interchangeably to prepare our French toast mix. No milk? No problem! Nellie’s Free Range French Toast Mix can be made with water and will still yield custardy, crispy slices of French toast packed with flavor.

What kind of bread can I use with your French toast mix?

Whether it’s something special like challah or brioche, a nutritious choice like whole wheat, or even a loaf of your favorite gluten-free bread, the possibilities are endless! Nellie’s Free Range French Toast Mix can be used with virtually any type of bread, making it adaptable to just about any diet or food preference.

Does your French toast mix need to be refrigerated?

No refrigeration needed! Nellie's Free Range French Toast Mix is shelf stable, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad (hello 12 month shelf life) or second guess whether you have enough eggs in the fridge to make some impromptu French toast for your family. Our mix can be stored right in your pantry before and after opening.

How many servings does one pack of your French toast mix make?

One pack contains 8-10 servings, or enough dry mix to coat one standard loaf of bread (about 16 slices total).

Where can I buy your French toast mix

Our mix is currently available for purchase on Amazon. Order yours here.


Donna TurnerOctober 14, 2021

What an excellent idea! Hope it will show up in stores soon, not just Amazon.


Though we are launching our French Toast Mix on Amazon, there will soon be a day that it goes into stores and we will surely make it known!

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