Free Range Eggs

How to Make Scrambled Eggs

By Nellie's Kindness Crew


Scrambling is one of the most popular ways to prepare eggs. This is probably due to the fact that they're incredibly versatile and pair effortlessly with lots of other tasty foods. Or maybe it’s because they're one of the easiest breakfast foods to make: since you’re just mixing everything up, you're much less likely to wind up with something on the plate that you didn't plan on serving. Still, there are some simple tricks to the trade that will ensure that your scrambled eggs come out just the way you want them. Here's an easy approach to a great scramble.

How to make scrambled eggs:

  1. Crack the desired number of eggs into a bowl, typically 2 or 3 per serving. Beat them lightly with a fork or whisk until the whites and yolks are well combined.

  2. Turn your burner on low heat and melt a pat of butter in a non-stick frying pan, spreading the butter around as it melts. It may start to foam slightly, but don't let the butter burn or brown.

  3. Turn the heat up to medium and add the eggs to the pan. With a heat-safe rubber spatula, stir the eggs. The key is to keep your spatula moving, mixing and folding the eggs constantly.

  4. Once the eggs take on a slightly firm texture with a glossy sheen, they're done. If you like your eggs a bit dryer, cook another minute. Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste.

Scrambled eggs are great all by themselves. Nestling them next to a slice of buttered toast with bacon or sausage makes for an American classic. Beyond that, there are lots of other ways to make them the basis of a more varied meal. For example, scrambled eggs are a great addition to a breakfast burrito or fried rice, and pair perfectly with Southwest flavors. For a little more richness, consider adding shredded cheddar, a dollop of goat cheese, or a spoonful of yogurt to the pan as you start stirring.

How do you make your scrambled eggs?


Carleta BartonApril 22, 2021

add a tbl spoon water to make them moister, pitch some fresh rosemary in when stirring. Yum


Great ideas!

Kimberly SicardMarch 05, 2021

The way my mom taught me how to make Scrambled eggs She used to put the eggs in the bowl add some salt and pepper and add a little bit of milk Heat up the frying pan with butter or with butter spray Add the eggs to the frying pan and use a fork to keep mixing the eggs until they get firm and the way she wanted them to come out. They were always very tasty. When I do it her way with the milk I end up with kind of extra milk in around the eggs.


Sounds delicious!

Darnell Straughter February 09, 2021

I made them like you said and they were good and I added salt


That's so great to hear, Darnell! A little pinch of salt really brings out the free range flavor 😋

𝔼𝕞𝕚𝕖𝕝𝕖𝕪 𝕍January 30, 2021

I put to much pepper in it😂


Ooops! Better luck next time!

JayJanuary 28, 2021

I usually crack the eggs into a bowl but, after mixing them I add some salt and pepper to make it taste better.(in my opinion)


Yum! That sounds like a great method as well. Thanks for sharing. We will have to try this on our next batch.

JohnJanuary 10, 2021

Do you need butter?


Hi John, Butter is not required, but we like to add a small pad of butter to the pan, just make the eggs ever slightly more delicious!

Thomas KendrickNovember 21, 2020

I prefer my scrambled eggs dry, firm and browned. Light , fluffy, and shiny are simply slimy.


Hi Thomas, However you make them is delicious to us! Thanks for choosing the purple packaging!

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