Free Range Eggs

Gold Mine!—Why Double Yolks Occur

By Nellie's Kindness Crew

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Have you ever cracked into an egg with a double yolk? Lucky you! Ever cracked into several eggs in your dozen to find double yolks in more than one egg? It might seem like finding a four leaf clover, but there is actually a reason this happens fairly often.

By themselves, double yolks are fairly rare – you might find them in 1 of every 1,000 eggs. These eggs typically come from our younger hens who are still learning how to lay eggs.

As you might expect, double yolked egg shells tend to be pretty big. In fact, they are usually graded ‘Super Jumbo.’ Eggs identified as Super Jumbo are too large for our packing machine to pack into cartons, so they are moved to the hand packing station. At Nellie’s, these eggs are still labeled as Jumbos, even though they are technically Super Jumbos. As the hand packers fill their Jumbo egg cartons with Super Jumbos, more than 50% of those will include an extra yolk. So that makes something fairly rare in nature suddenly appear rather common, simply because they have all been grouped together during the packing process and put into the same cartons.

So if you crack open a Nellie’s egg and find a double yolk, you’ll actually be pretty likely to find another ‘eggstra’ yolk or two in your dozen. And because those cartons are hand-packed and placed in cases together, you could find a whole grocery display of Jumbo dozens that have a high likelihood of containing a double yolked egg or two!


Alan December 28, 2021

I always buy "Jumbo eggs" at the supermarket. Last year, one carton contained 8 double yolk eggs. I've always wondered why that was so, and after reading this article, now I know.


Glad to see that we helped you learn something new and fun! :)

Michell BrownDecember 09, 2021

Hi yesterday i cracked open 2 eggs and both were double yoke


We are so happy to hear this! You hit the jackpot!

Norman OwensDecember 05, 2021

what are the odds of having double yolks on 3 eggs out of a half dozen as i did? what is going on with your chickens? eggs are yummy btw.


Hi Norman, while double yolks are fairly rare, they do occur the most often in our jumbo cartons. We tend to see a very large grade of egg we call "super jumbos" that generally come from our younger flocks who are still learning how to lay eggs. These super jumbos all get hand-packed once they are identified by the sorting machine, because they are too large to be machine-packed, and they get packed in our jumbo cartons. These "super jumbos" tend to be about 50% double yolks. Once these cartons get packed, they all go into the same case. So, even though they are rare, double yolk eggs often end up in the same carton.

StaceyNovember 21, 2021

Today I cracked open 3 doubled eggs in a row. My boyfriends friend Justin came over said he's never seen one. I had another large egg in the carton, I cracked it open for him and sure enough another doubled egg. So I cracked open 4 doubled eggs in a row.


Hi Stacey, wow it was quite your lucky day! We're happy to hear that you've had eggscellent luck finding double yolks :).

mollyNovember 19, 2021

this morning I found a double yoke (my first ever encounter) when getting ready to make my classic avocado toast + fried egg combo! cooked beautifully & made me feel so lucky :)


Hi Molly, we're so happy to hear that you hit the yoke jackpot! Here's to finding many more :).

Mike November 18, 2021

Got my first ever double yoke today!


Hi Mike! We're so eggs-cited to hear about your first double yolk! Hope you find more in the future! :)

David QuigleyNovember 17, 2021

Just boiled a carton of eggs discovered 3 double yokes


Hi David! You are one lucky fellow! Double yolks are relatively rare, so enjoy! :)

Wilson LopezNovember 09, 2021

Hi just wondering where I can buy doble yolks eggs? Any recommendations?


Hey there Wilson, we would love to answer this question for you! Double yolk eggs are fairly rare(about 1 in 1000), and they tend to be rather large eggs. In fact, they tend to be graded "super jumbo" in size as they are being processed. We don't sell "super jumbo" cartons however, so they get put in with the "jumbos". Therefore, if you search for our jumbo packs, you will have a good chance of finding some double yolks. Hope this helps!

Tina RocheNovember 08, 2021

I bought half a dozen eggs on November 2nd, 2021, each egg had double yolks all six of them, I was amazed.


Hi Tina! You sure are lucky to have experienced that many double yolks at once! Double yolks are actually pretty rare, only about 1 in 1000 occur. So it seems that fate smiled on you :). We hope you keep enjoying our eggs, double or single yolks.

Cheryl W TravisOctober 28, 2021

I just bought three dozen from a local seller, every single egg was doubled yoked, and he had many more dozens to sell the same.


Wow Cheryl! Sounds like you received some lucky batches!

MrsHOctober 19, 2021

I got one today in a Large dozen pack. I have never seen one in 47 years. It's a good day! Amen.


Alright! We're so happy to hear you found a double yolk egg in you carton, a lucky day, indeed!

StaciOctober 16, 2021

I got one today while making peanut butter fudge brownies for my son and the skaters!! Premier video night!


Alright! We hope the crew enjoyed their yummy treats, there's nothing like a film premier brownie session!

JoanneSeptember 30, 2021

I am in egg 10 and all have had double yolks so far! Had to video the opening of #9 and 10. Will do the same for 11 and 12:)


Wow, that's a tru treasure trove you have there! Enjoy!

Claire SistiSeptember 29, 2021

I had to Google what twin egg yolks were the other night I had 2 in my dozen, tonight I had 5 more twin yolks in my dozen, I thought 1 was rare but 7 out of 12 really rare, I have pictures to


That's an amazing find, Claire! Thanks for choosing free range for all of your double yolks!

DeborahAugust 17, 2021

Soooooo Very K🍳🍳L My Breakfast This Morning A Double Yolk Feeling Special


A great reason to feel special! Enjoy!

DPJuly 26, 2021

What is the nutrition content of a double yoke egg vs that of a normal egg in a jumbo package? Kindly advise. Thank you.


Great question! The yolks of a double yolk egg are typically each a bit smaller than a single yolk, so the nutritional value is about that of a regular jumbo egg. Also, the rule of thumb in baking is to treat a double yolk egg as just one. We hope this helps!

LoreyJuly 13, 2021

6 of 6 so far from the same Dozen, having never seen this before. Triple Double Yolk Trouble... Breakfast has never been so eggciting.


Sounds like an 'eggciting' batch Lorey! Thanks for picking up a carton of our free range eggs!

PatrickJuly 13, 2021

Found two double yolks the other day. Blew my mind! I photographed the first one but was so overcome with wonder that I did not photograph the second. Good to know I can pick up some Jumbo Nellie’s to try and recreate the experience and get that sweet pic.


Wow! Sounds like you got to experience a lucky batch, Patrick! Thanks for choosing free range and for sharing your experience!

Ken July 05, 2021

The first 5 out of six eggs had double yolks! Waiting to find out about the remaining 6.


Sounds like a true blessing from the golden yolk gods!

Kimberly AccursoJune 22, 2021

My first double yolk today! It was the 1st egg out of my new dozen!


What a lucky day! So glad to hear you got some double yolk blessings in your carton!

Linda Keckler June 10, 2021

Right! Found 3 double yolked eggs in 1 carton of large Trader Joe's cage free eggs. I call them my twins!


Nothing better than a triple double yolk day!

Crystal Myers May 30, 2021

While preparing deviled eggs today I gasped when I found a double yolked egg. Only 2x in my life have I seen one. Happy Memorial Day to all of our Military, past, present and future


Sounds like a lucky batch, Crystal. Hope you enjoy your day!

Donna SaccoMay 28, 2021

Thank goodness you wrote this! 11/12 double yolks! We were going to start playing the lottery. I was hoping for 12/12!!!


It sounds like the golden yolk gods were on your side!

Donald E. ChristianMay 26, 2021

I swear I just found two in a row from the same dozen. I had never heard of it so here I am. Gonna be a weird day I guess lol


We think it's going to be a GREAT day!

Karen KorabMay 16, 2021

I don't like egg yolks so my father always got a double yolk egg and I ate my egg whites in the kitchen!


Sounds like a win for everyone!

tim bMay 12, 2021

Thanks for all the great info. These comments are all very positive too! Except one (March 6 2021). It's funny because that one stinky comment is from someone named Karin. What are the odds? Probably about the same odds as finding a bunch of double yolks in a dozen jumbos... haha.


You're very welcome, we hope you get some double yolk love in your cartons!

Marlis HadleyMay 05, 2021

I opened a 6 pack yesterday and hard boiled all of them. Every one was a double! I feel love Le I had a great blessing!


What a lucky draw! Thank you for choosing free range in the egg aisle!

Minnie RohMay 02, 2021

I found a double yolk in my carton of large eggs so now I feel DOUBLY lucky! Thanks for a fun Sunday brunch!


What a great and special start to your Sunday!

UgyenApril 18, 2021

I am so lucky that my farm is having more of double egg. Thank you for information😇


It's always so fun to get a double yolk! You're welcome!

Eric BMarch 30, 2021

Bought a dozen jumbo eggs and of the 12, 8 where double yolks. Im still waiting on hitting the Mega Million jackpot.


Wow! It Certainly sounds like you've got a lucky batch, Eric! Good luck on that Mega Millions jackpot!

MarkMarch 24, 2021

My sister sent us a picture of a double yolk egg she cracked open this morning. I quickly searched for an intelligent response as the eldest brother sibling. Thanks for sharing


Hi Mark! We're so glad we could help - we make a good team!

LisaMarch 07, 2021

Thank you for my lucky double-yolk egg I just opened! My very first! I made an egg sandwich for dinner tonight, and I love your yummy eggs! Best wishes to you!


Hi Lisa, We hope it was delicious! Thanks for choosing Nellie's!

Karin LMarch 06, 2021

I would think the hens are being given hormones to do this. EVERY egg in my carton of jumbo eggs had double yolks. That's not usual for hens that are not being given chemicals. I will switch to another brand that adheres strictly to conditions that support health of the hens naturally.


Hi Karin, We want to assure you that we never give our hens hormones. Eggs are packed by weight, and double yolks are the heaviest eggs when we pack them. This is why they are packaged together.

Laura PMarch 04, 2021

Hi my chicken Sadie lays double yoked eggs fairly regularly. She is a young chicken so maybe that’s why. I am very proud of her!


We are so proud of her too!

Brenda DaleMarch 03, 2021

I found double yolks in 4 eggs today. 3/3/21


Sounds like you should play the lottery later this week! Thanks for choosing our eggs!

Spike February 16, 2021

Well I might be extremely lucky. I have recently bought a dozen eggs and so far the first six of the eggs are all double yolks.... Being on a high-protein diet this is even more of a bonus!


Sounds eggcelent, Spike! Thanks for choosing our eggs!

ClareFebruary 03, 2021

When will you offer your eggs in plastic free packaging? (aka cardboard cartons?)


Hi Clare! Great question. We've actually chosen these cartons because they are better for the environment throughout their lifecycle. We hope you'll take a peek at our other blog posting for more details about why we have chosen them: Please let us know if we can answer any additional questions for you!

Carrie January 28, 2021

So cool!


So glad you enjoyed the egg-cation, Carrie!

Clarence MasonSeptember 19, 2020

Where is my best chance of getting a tray of double yolk jumbo close to 94192


Hey Clarence, Double yolks are very sporadic, so there is not one particular store that would have a better chance of having them than another. It all depends on the individual hens!

SkipAugust 22, 2020

I’m a pick up from my dads days of raising chickens, it’s been 20+years, I remember some of the tricks my dad taught me with free ranging my hens! The biggest problem I have is my wife wants the cockadoodle doos every morning but I want clean eggs what to do?


What wonderful memories, Skip. We believe that the best eggs come from happy healthy hens. If you have the resources to raise your own chickens and ensure they get the love and care they deserve, that is wonderful. If you decide that's just too much, that's okay too. That's why, at Nellie's Free Range Eggs, we raise our hens in small flocks where they are able to roam on grassy pastures throughout the day. Wishing you the best!

Karen FaulknerAugust 06, 2020

I just finished my dozen Nellie’s eggs. There were eleven double yolks out of the twelve eggs.


Wow! Sounds like you hit the jackpot on this dozen, Karen!

DickMay 31, 2020

I get eggs fro a farm in Duncan BC. I am on my second dozen of eggs that are all double yolkers. Does this mean that they are higher in cholesterol?


Hi Dick, that is correct. Since there are two yolks in the egg, the egg will likely contain higher nutritional properties than an egg with a single yolk. However, it's difficult to tell exactly what those values will be, given that each egg and yolk is unique. If you have any concerns about your cholesterol intake we recommend consulting with your doctor.

AlieMay 30, 2020

I just made scambled eggs and cracked 4 eggs.All 4 were double yoke. I think the rest of them are too. It was funny when I purchased the eggs extra large I thought the package felt very heavy. I hope the superstition brings me good luck nothing else. Lol


That's awesome, Alie! We sure hope so too.

Maria E MoralesMay 09, 2020

I received an entire cartoon of double yolk eggs. Just purchased another batch and after several normal eggs found a double yolk. I think before this, I've only seen 1 double yolk in my entire life.


Wow! Sounds like you sure hit the jackpot, Maria. Might these have been our Jumbo size eggs?

Virginia SmithMarch 21, 2020

I have been buying jumbo eggs from WalMart for the past year or so. Yes I do get lucky to get double yolkers. But have you ever heard of someone getting a triple yolker. I got a triple yolker from WalMart last year. Do you know if anyone else was lucky enough to get a triple yolker.


Those are incredibly rare, Virginia! It sounds like you were having a seriously lucky day (or working up some eggcellent magic). Congratulations on your unique find!

NikoMarch 15, 2020

Just had one of your dozens in which 8 of the eggs were double yolkers!


Wow! Sounds like you had a lucky batch, Niko!

Alexandra February 11, 2020

Since there are two yolks, would that affect a recipe that calls for a certain amount of egg whites?


Hi Alexandra, great question! With most recipes you should be fine, as the bigger yolk tends to balance out the overall larger size of the egg. However, if you have a scale you can always measure by weight: 1 egg white = 30g or 1 oz. We hope this helps!

IvonneFebruary 08, 2020

I cracked a double yolk on Tuesday, but I have yet to see my luck turning. When will I see something amazing soon?


Hi Ivonne! We can't say for sure, but we'll be hoping that you encounter something amazing soon!

Jeanette RJanuary 23, 2020

Where in the Brentwood area nellies eggs sold?


Hi Jeannette! We're not sure what state you're in, but we hope you'll take a peek at our egg locator to see what stores have our eggs. They can be found nationwide, so there's a great chance they are near you! Please let us know if we can assist further!

H RacineJanuary 06, 2020

Got six in a row from one of your cartons today! It was an awesome surprise. :)


Wow, it seems you certainly got lucky!

AndyDecember 27, 2019

Hi, does a double yolk effectively mean that the birds, if left to hatch naturally, would become identical twins? 😆


HI Andy, great question! It is essentially possible for this to happen in a backyard flock, but our eggs are not fertilized, so without that, no egg will hatch into a chick. Thanks for the great question!

Amy Suliman November 27, 2019

Wow that’s amazing good to know 😊👍🏻


We're so glad to have helped provide some information, Amy! Thanks for taking the time to reach out!

AndrewNovember 19, 2019

A couple months ago I had nine double-yolked eggs in one carton but I haven't had any double-yolked eggs since.


Hi Andrew! That's a lot of double yolkers in one carton. Generally we find when we have some younger flocks we'll have a higher percentage of double yolkers. Hopefully you'll see some again soon! Thanks for choosing our eggs.

Bonnie FosterAugust 25, 2019

I have did get several duoble yokes in my dozen of your eggs! I just love Nellies Eggs, and now I know why I am getting double yokes, younger hens! I love you Nellies Eggs!


Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the feedback on the article and for supporting our small family farms!

SarahAugust 04, 2019

Hi there! I just cracked open my 9th double yolk in the same Nellie’s dozen! These are not labeled “Jumbo” however, but rather “Extra Large” is this considered the same size category? At any rate, I do have a question about these anomalies that I am surprised no one has asked or acknowledged here yet: can the double yolk eggs be used the same way for baking or would you suggest removing one of the yolks for this? Thank you!


Hi Sarah! It is very possible that we may have had some 'extra' jumbos that we packaged in extra large cartons. If you'd like to send us an email to: [email protected] with the carton use by date information, we'd be more than happy to check! As for baking with double yolkers, really it all comes down to size. If your recipe calls for egg yolks only, you need to pay attention to the yolk size. Sometimes your double yolkers will have half-size yolks, so two would count as one. But if they are full-size, you’d count them as two separate yolks. For full eggs in a recipe, just go by weight. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if we can assist further!

NickJuly 31, 2019

Double yolks in nature occur at a rate of about 1/1000. Even grouping eggs by size would not account for having up to 50% of a carton as double yolks. Something fishy is going on...


Hi Nick! We actually partner with quite a few family farmers across the U.S. and we have many chickens in each flock. This means we have a plethora of eggs coming to us and once they're sorted in the line into superjumbos, we have quite a few that will all go into the same containers. So although it's statistically low overall to encounter double yolks, we have many Nellie's hens and this can account for multiple double yolks in a carton!

loides de melloJuly 31, 2019

As a loyal consumer and a great lover of Nellie's eggs, we should always have the right to have 2 egg yolks.😂😂😂🤪


You're cracking us up, Loides! Sometimes, it's just the luck of the draw - hopefully you'll get some double yolks soon.

NaomiJuly 28, 2019

Hello, Very interesting article. I bought your eggs (jumbos) at my supermarket "Stop and Shop" and so far 4 of the eggs in my carton had double yolks. I'm expecting that the rest of the batch in that carton will come this way as well :)


We love to hear this, Naomi! It sounds like you have one lucky streak. We're glad we could provide an explanation for the phenomenon!

ADRIAN WALSHJuly 18, 2019

Just had 3 double eggs from batch of six. Is that rare. Havnt cracked other 3


Hi there, Adrian. It's actually not that unusual, especially if you've got jumbo eggs. Because the eggs are larger, we need to hand package them together so they do not become crushed. It is likely that these eggs were packaged at the same time. Hope this helps to answer your question!

Ken June 24, 2019

I just finished a dozen that were all double yokes.


It must be your lucky day, Ken! We hope you enjoyed your extra yolky breakfast.

PamelaKMay 16, 2019

Well this is my fun fact for the day! My dozen so far is at a 50% rate for double yolks!


Wow! Sounds like you've got a lucky carton, Pamela! 😊

Laura PartoApril 27, 2019

My mother gets these Hugh eggs at the deli , many have double yolks. My sister and I were fearful to eat these eggs because we thought the chickens were being feed hormones. Could that be possible?


Great question, Laura. Our hens are never given hormones, so there's no need to worry when you come across a double yolk. They're typically a result of younger hens simply learning how to lay eggs!

LaurieApril 25, 2019

Found my first double yolk today. And yes it was a Nellie’s! Poached and seasoned with fresh dill, twice a yummy 😋


Lucky you, Laurie! It sounds like it made for a delicious meal.

Debbie GanoungApril 12, 2019

Gee! I thought they were twin chickens! LOL


Hi Debbie! We don't offer fertilized eggs for sale, so one of our eggs would not hatch, but if you had a backyard farm with a rooster it may be possible. We do think it's a fun bonus to receive a double yolk in a carton though.

Alice MillsApril 10, 2019

yes I too experienced one egg that had a double yolk, it was quite a surprise!


You're one lucky duck, Alice!

Janice M PopeApril 09, 2019

I have never tried the double yoke eggs but I love to try them.


They're pretty cool, Janice! Consumers tend to find them in our jumbo eggs, so if that size is available where you shop, that's a great place to start.

Christine mezzatestaApril 09, 2019

Love Nellies eggs, especially with a coupon!


The hens appreciate your support, Christine!

Jaya M. DvorakApril 09, 2019

My last 2 cartons were full of double yolks!


It must be your lucky day, Jaya! We bet that was a pretty exciting experience.

ShelleyApril 08, 2019

Great little story. I enjoyed it. I've come across a "double yolker" before. Kinda interesting that they are about 1 in 1000. Nellies eggs are great tasting. Better than the others.


We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed learning about double yolks, Shelley. It's pretty exciting to come across one, and we're glad that you got to have that experience!

Sue EllenApril 08, 2019

I once had 5 double-yolked eggs in one of your cartons. Thought I'd died and gone to heaven, haha.


You're one lucky gal, Sue! We bet those double yolkers were delicious.

Marianna BeardApril 08, 2019

Hi, I hope this okay to leave hear. I have purchased your eggs before and still do BUT with one of my purchases, I found one egg that was not only not edible (it was smelly) and the outside of the egg was not clean. Mind you, this is ONE egg out of hundreds purchased. So I am not really complaining just making you aware. And yes, I will continue to purchase your product.


We're so sorry about this spoiled eggs, Marianna. We really appreciate the heads up and would love to collect some information for our quality team and send you a couple of coupons to use toward future purchases. Do you mind sending us an email at [email protected]?