Gold Mine!—Why Double Yolks Occur

By Tom Piper

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Have you ever cracked into an egg with a double yolk? Lucky you! Ever cracked into several eggs in your dozen to find double yolks in more than one egg? It might seem like finding a four leaf clover, but there is actually a reason this happens fairly often.

By themselves, double yolks are fairly rare – you might find them in 1 of every 1,000 eggs. These eggs typically come from our younger hens who are still learning how to lay eggs.

As you might expect, double yolked egg shells tend to be pretty big. In fact, they are usually graded ‘Super Jumbo.’ Eggs identified as Super Jumbo are too large for our packing machine to pack into cartons, so they are moved to the hand packing station. At Nellie’s, these eggs are still labeled as Jumbos, even though they are technically Super Jumbos. As the hand packers fill their Jumbo egg cartons with Super Jumbos, more than 50% of those will include an extra yolk. So that makes something fairly rare in nature suddenly appear rather common, simply because they have all been grouped together during the packing process and put into the same cartons.

So if you crack open a Nellie’s egg and find a double yolk, you’ll actually be pretty likely to find another ‘eggstra’ yolk or two in your dozen. And because those cartons are hand-packed and placed in cases together, you could find a whole grocery display of Jumbo dozens that have a high likelihood of containing a double yolked egg or two!


Bonnie FosterAugust 25, 2019

I have did get several duoble yokes in my dozen of your eggs! I just love Nellies Eggs, and now I know why I am getting double yokes, younger hens! I love you Nellies Eggs!


Hi Bonnie! Thanks for the feedback on the article and for supporting our small family farms!

SarahAugust 04, 2019

Hi there! I just cracked open my 9th double yolk in the same Nellie’s dozen! These are not labeled “Jumbo” however, but rather “Extra Large” is this considered the same size category? At any rate, I do have a question about these anomalies that I am surprised no one has asked or acknowledged here yet: can the double yolk eggs be used the same way for baking or would you suggest removing one of the yolks for this? Thank you!


Hi Sarah! It is very possible that we may have had some 'extra' jumbos that we packaged in extra large cartons. If you'd like to send us an email to: [email protected] with the carton use by date information, we'd be more than happy to check! As for baking with double yolkers, really it all comes down to size. If your recipe calls for egg yolks only, you need to pay attention to the yolk size. Sometimes your double yolkers will have half-size yolks, so two would count as one. But if they are full-size, you’d count them as two separate yolks. For full eggs in a recipe, just go by weight. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if we can assist further!

NickJuly 31, 2019

Double yolks in nature occur at a rate of about 1/1000. Even grouping eggs by size would not account for having up to 50% of a carton as double yolks. Something fishy is going on...


Hi Nick! We actually partner with quite a few family farmers across the U.S. and we have many chickens in each flock. This means we have a plethora of eggs coming to us and once they're sorted in the line into superjumbos, we have quite a few that will all go into the same containers. So although it's statistically low overall to encounter double yolks, we have many Nellie's hens and this can account for multiple double yolks in a carton!

loides de melloJuly 31, 2019

As a loyal consumer and a great lover of Nellie's eggs, we should always have the right to have 2 egg yolks.😂😂😂🤪


You're cracking us up, Loides! Sometimes, it's just the luck of the draw - hopefully you'll get some double yolks soon.

NaomiJuly 28, 2019

Hello, Very interesting article. I bought your eggs (jumbos) at my supermarket "Stop and Shop" and so far 4 of the eggs in my carton had double yolks. I'm expecting that the rest of the batch in that carton will come this way as well :)


We love to hear this, Naomi! It sounds like you have one lucky streak. We're glad we could provide an explanation for the phenomenon!

ADRIAN WALSHJuly 18, 2019

Just had 3 double eggs from batch of six. Is that rare. Havnt cracked other 3


Hi there, Adrian. It's actually not that unusual, especially if you've got jumbo eggs. Because the eggs are larger, we need to hand package them together so they do not become crushed. It is likely that these eggs were packaged at the same time. Hope this helps to answer your question!

Ken June 24, 2019

I just finished a dozen that were all double yokes.


It must be your lucky day, Ken! We hope you enjoyed your extra yolky breakfast.

PamelaKMay 16, 2019

Well this is my fun fact for the day! My dozen so far is at a 50% rate for double yolks!


Wow! Sounds like you've got a lucky carton, Pamela! 😊

Laura PartoApril 27, 2019

My mother gets these Hugh eggs at the deli , many have double yolks. My sister and I were fearful to eat these eggs because we thought the chickens were being feed hormones. Could that be possible?


Great question, Laura. Our hens are never given hormones, so there's no need to worry when you come across a double yolk. They're typically a result of younger hens simply learning how to lay eggs!

LaurieApril 25, 2019

Found my first double yolk today. And yes it was a Nellie’s! Poached and seasoned with fresh dill, twice a yummy 😋


Lucky you, Laurie! It sounds like it made for a delicious meal.

Debbie GanoungApril 12, 2019

Gee! I thought they were twin chickens! LOL


Hi Debbie! We don't offer fertilized eggs for sale, so one of our eggs would not hatch, but if you had a backyard farm with a rooster it may be possible. We do think it's a fun bonus to receive a double yolk in a carton though.

Alice MillsApril 10, 2019

yes I too experienced one egg that had a double yolk, it was quite a surprise!


You're one lucky duck, Alice!

Janice M PopeApril 09, 2019

I have never tried the double yoke eggs but I love to try them.


They're pretty cool, Janice! Consumers tend to find them in our jumbo eggs, so if that size is available where you shop, that's a great place to start.

Christine mezzatestaApril 09, 2019

Love Nellies eggs, especially with a coupon!


The hens appreciate your support, Christine!

Jaya M. DvorakApril 09, 2019

My last 2 cartons were full of double yolks!


It must be your lucky day, Jaya! We bet that was a pretty exciting experience.

ShelleyApril 08, 2019

Great little story. I enjoyed it. I've come across a "double yolker" before. Kinda interesting that they are about 1 in 1000. Nellies eggs are great tasting. Better than the others.


We're thrilled to hear that you enjoyed learning about double yolks, Shelley. It's pretty exciting to come across one, and we're glad that you got to have that experience!

Sue EllenApril 08, 2019

I once had 5 double-yolked eggs in one of your cartons. Thought I'd died and gone to heaven, haha.


You're one lucky gal, Sue! We bet those double yolkers were delicious.

Marianna BeardApril 08, 2019

Hi, I hope this okay to leave hear. I have purchased your eggs before and still do BUT with one of my purchases, I found one egg that was not only not edible (it was smelly) and the outside of the egg was not clean. Mind you, this is ONE egg out of hundreds purchased. So I am not really complaining just making you aware. And yes, I will continue to purchase your product.


We're so sorry about this spoiled eggs, Marianna. We really appreciate the heads up and would love to collect some information for our quality team and send you a couple of coupons to use toward future purchases. Do you mind sending us an email at [email protected]?