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8 Nostalgic Comfort Food Recipes

By Nellie's Kindness Crew


Food has a sneaky way of bringing back sweet childhood memories, filling our hearts with nostalgia, and making us feel warm and fuzzy from head to toe. Ever caught a whiff of chicken noodle soup that transported you to that one time you stayed home sick from school and snuggled with mom all day? Or bit into a fudgy brownie that reminded you of the ones you and dad used to make on special occasions? That's the power of comfort food! These recipes have that same spirit of nostalgia; some may bring back memories, and others might become new favorites that you'll make want to make for your own kids time and time again.

DWAP Breakfast Pizza 2

1. Breakfast Pizza

Nothing says comfort like a pizza pie that's oozing with cheese. Take yours up a notch with eggs baked right on top! And don't forget the bacon, breakfast sausage, onions, and peppers for the perfect morning slice.


2. Eggs in Purgatory

Eggs in purgatory is akin to the tomato soup and grilled cheese you looked forward to as a kid. There's no other way to put it: it just warms the soul. This classic Italian recipe features eggs poached in a rich tomato sauce with fresh herbs, pancetta, and lots of Parmesan cheese—perfect for dipping crusty bread in!


The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies is beyond comparison. Whether it reminds you of a visit to grandma's house or your siblings' early (and hopefully not too disastrous!) attempts at baking when you were kids, there's simply nothing better. This streamlined chocolate chip cookie in a cup comes close, though.


4. Chilaquiles with Fried Eggs

A litle bit like nachos, but grown up, these chilaquiles were made for snacking and sharing during family game night. They come together quickly, too: the tortilla chips are bathed in yummy red chile sauce, then topped with fried eggs and cheese galore!


5. 4 Ingredient Hazelnut Brownies

Bake sale brownies, grandma's secret recipe brownies, that brownie sundae from your favorite childhood diner...the list goes on and on, because brownies are pure happiness. Make this ultra fudgy hazelnut version with just four ingredients when you're craving a little bit of joy and chocolate in your life.


6. Veggie Breakfast Burritos

Need a smidge of encouragement to get out of bed this morning? Trade in your cozy blanket cacoon (it's not easy, we know) for a breakfast burrito; tender veggies and cheesy scrambled eggs rolled up in a warm tortilla.


7. Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Totchos

Tater tot nachos, breakfast nachos, them what you want. The bottom line is that they're smothered in cheese, sprinkled with bacon bits, chock full of crispy potato pillows, and brimming with runny yolks.


8. Instant Pot French Toast Casserole

That sweet smell of cinnamon and vanilla wafting from the kitchen only meant one thing when you were a kid: French toast was on the menu. Now, you can have it any time you like, no flipping required—just a warm, custardy casserole made right in your Instant Pot.


Nancy BlaskiApril 18, 2020

is this French toast casserole or bread pudding?


Hi Nancy! The recipe at the end is our yummy French toast casserole, though it is similar to a bread pudding. We hope you get the chance to try it soon!

Brenda ZiembaApril 15, 2020

Can’t wait to try them all ! Love eggs for Breakfast, lunch and Dinner! All of these look so delicious!


We can't wait to hear which recipe you try, Brenda! Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - we think all the time is a good time for eggs!

Rosemary CasseseApril 14, 2020

I'm a believer and I LOVE your eggs


Thanks for choosing our eggs, Rosemary!

Ann SweeneyApril 13, 2020

They all look great! Thanks


We hope you get to try one of these recipes soon, Ann!

Mabel barclayApril 04, 2020

Every thing looks good want I try a couple.


HI Mabel! We're so glad to hear you found some good recipe ideas. We hope you'll let us know if you decide to give any of them a try!

Suzanne MartinMarch 30, 2020

Awesome Recipes


We hope you'll get the chance to try them, Suzanne!

Mabel barclayMarch 30, 2020

Love your eggs only ones we use


We're honored to be your egg of choice, Mabel! Thank you for choosing us and supporting our happy hens

CyndiMarch 29, 2020

The Instant Pot French Toast us so delicious


We're glad to hear you liked it, Cyndi! That french toast is always a winner

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