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Celebrating Culture Through Food

By Nellie's Kindness Crew

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Here at Nellie's Free Range, we strive to talk the talk and walkΩaq the walk of kindness, compassion, and care. This philosophy is reflected in all that our partner farmers do on their Certified Humane Free Range farms. We take this approach to bringing products like eggs and butter to your local grocery store because we sincerely believe that it makes a difference in the lives of our animals and in the quality of the food they produce. But food doesn't exist in a vacuum, so our approach doesn't stop at our farms.

Eggs are universal

How does an egg company in the United States go about honoring other cultures, anyway? Well, as it turns out, eggs are pretty universal. In fact, aside from potential differences in quality, chicken breed, and the lifestyle of the hen, the eggs you pick up at the grocery store (in the purple carton, of course!) will be almost identical to the eggs you might find at the store or market anywhere from Japan to Iceland. This isn't true for a lot of ingredients. For example, most cultures gravitate towards a particular type of rice, whether it's basmati or arborio. Butter is an everyday cooking staple in some cultures, while ghee is more prevalent in others. Milk, cheese, name it. Whether due to regional availability or historical context, no two cuisines are identical—but most of them include eggs.

Eggs showcase diversity across cuisines

At Nellie's Free Range, we believe in honoring the differences that make each culture's cuisine so unique, and eggs are a wonderful way to showcase that diversity. Through our recipes, we strive to celebrate the countless ways that people all over the globe prepare their eggs. In a sense, eggs are like a blank canvas that can be used to illustrate the unique cooking techniques, tools, and traditions found all around the globe.

Our approach to recipes

Over the years, we have collected recipes from brand ambassadors, farmers, and friends. Our recipe collection began with a handful of American classics, but quickly grew to include dishes from all over the world. In pursuit of greater diversity, we continue to make purposeful decisions about who we partner with in order to expand our recipe offerings, always making space and time for our brand ambassadors to share recipes that hold significance to them, whether that's on a personal or a cultural level. Today, we're proud to partner with a group of bloggers and recipe developers that each bring a unique and rich perspective to the recipes that they share with us. Our partners include:

  • Brown Sugar Food Blog: Nicole is a mother of three and a loving wife with a knack for relationship advice and delicious, fuss-free family meals. Her recipes range from sweet baked goods to savory comfort food and everything in between.
  • Five Marigolds: Rochelle lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband and three children, who inspire all of her DIY projects, entertaining ideas, and recipes for all occasions.
  • Muy Bueno Cookbook: Yvette was born and raised in El Paso, TX, where some of her first memories in the kitchen with her mom and grandma took place. Today, she proudly shares home-style Mexican dishes, weaving her cultural heritage and love for her family into every recipe.
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Party: Andressa is a full-time mom of two with a penchant for party planning. Whether it's Easter or Halloween, she has a balloon garland, DIY craft idea, and yummy kid-friendly recipe for every occasion.
  • Yummy Toddler Food: Amy takes an honest approach to parenting. Currently in the midst of raising three kids, she knows how challenging life with toddlers can be—and her simple toddler-ready recipes offer encouragement and reassurance even to the most experienced moms.

While many of our recipes are not considered authentic or traditional, they are all imbued with the deeply personal experiences and perspectives of the people who developed them—and that's what makes food special.


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